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Now, more than ever, we are faced with questions about how to best leverage strengths or talents to stay competitive in the workplace. Our vision is to revolutionize how you approach and deal with change through providing individualized solutions to companies and individuals that will lead to successful and sustainable results.

Career Coaching | Transition Management Workshops

Organizations are faced with rapid change resulting in the need to develop a more focused and coherent approach to managing their people strategies. Leading Org Solutions provides effective human resources and talent management solutions. Whether you are a small or medium sized company needing transition management support or looking to develop (or re-develop) innovative talent and human resource strategies, we can help you revolutionize the way you approach and implement these changes.

We are dedicated to providing quality service and strive to make a positive impact on the success of our clients. Our core values of integrity, respect, customer satisfaction, embracing change, and giving back to our community are the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.


“We must become the change we want to see” – Mahatma Gandhi

Career Coaching

Are you among the 3.5 million who have been laid off over the past year in the U.S.? This is a result of the recent economic downturn and we have seen an unprecedented number of downsizing or rightsizing organizational changes to address these new challenges in the marketplace. If you aren’t one of these individuals, now is the time to take charge of your own career development or find your “true passion”. Our team can provide you with the tools necessary to leverage your strengths in your current job, help assess and develop short and long-term career goals, and/or support you to develop a powerful professional resume and targeted cover letters. You can also create strategies to develop the organizational skills necessary to take your job or business to the next level.

Our coaching philosophy is based on the following three principles:                 Are you working your true passion?

1.) Every person has a true passion and if realized through his/her work, optimum work fulfillment can be achieved.

2.) It is possible for all people to find or create work that utilizes their skills, meets a need in our world, is financially viable      and expresses their true passion.

3.) To achieve this ideal, each person can discover his/her true passion through self-discovery and ultimately be fulfilled.

Transition Management Workshops
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Change is what happens externally; transition is what happens internally. Understanding how transitions accompany change and what to expect is vital to making change smoother. For decades, a lot of emphasis has been placed on certain aspects of intelligence, such as logical reasoning, mathematical skills, verbal skills, etc. Researchers were puzzled by the fact that while IQ could predict to a significant degree academic performance and, to some degree, professional and personal success, there was something missing in the equation – Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence prepares a fertile ground for successful change. Our transition management workshops are customizable to best fit the specific changes you are experiencing, whether personally or within a company. We have transition management experience with changes resulting from reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, off shoring, management changes, career changes, to name a few. We are also known for our Military2Corp workshops focused on supporting companies and individuals with making successful transitions from military to corporate work environments and situations. Are you and your employees embracing change?

Human Resources Consulting

Human Resources Consulting | Job Coach

In this economy, it is critical to have a forward thinking vision translating into an innovative human resources strategy that is aligned with your company goals and objectives. After all, our people are what make our companies successful!

Whether you are a small or medium-sized company, we can provide a variety of customized services to meet your needs, such as human resources and talent management strategy development, recruitment process re-engineering and cost efficiencies, customized management/ executive training and development, and general HR support. Are you focusing on what matters most – Your Employees?

Why Leading Org Solutions?

Our founder, Jennifer Mosholder is dedicated and passionate about personal and professional development.

Her role as a member of the Executive Team for Human Resource Management for multi-national Fortune 500 and 1000 companies has provided Jennifer the foundation to identify what type of future talent and skills are necessary to meet the growing needs of employers in our unique business environment. Specifically, Jennifer has a proven track record in leading and developing global human resource strategies, establishing key global human resources functions within organizations, resulting in the creation of specialized departments, such as internal global recruitment/staffing and training. She has also developed training curriculum to address organizational demands. View Jennifer Mosholder’s complete Bio.

We partner with certified market experts in recruiting, emotional intelligence and management trainers to provide innovative and unique solutions to meet your individualized needs. We thank you for visiting our website and hope to have the opportunity to work with you. Contact us for a free consultation.