A Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help Victims Build a Strong Case

Commercial truck accidents are much more complicated than standard car accident cases. These massive vehicles can legally weigh up to 80,000 pounds, while passenger cars typically weigh less than 3,000. Because of their size and weight, any crash involving one of these vehicles can be catastrophic, with victims suffering severe injuries and damages. A Sacramento Truck Lawyer can help victims build a strong case against negligent truck drivers and their insurance companies.

Whether it’s due to poor maintenance, faulty parts, or dangerous driving, truck crashes can lead to severe and life-altering injuries. Injured victims may have to pay thousands in medical bills, and they might miss work for extended periods of time, leading to lost income. Their family might also suffer from financial hardship due to the sudden loss of support.

Trucking companies Commercial Truck Lawyer Sacramento and their insurers have extensive resources and teams of lawyers dedicated to protecting their bottom line and avoiding liability for accident claims. Without an experienced Sacramento truck crash attorney by their side, crash victims can be taken advantage of and given lowball offers for compensation. An aggressive truck accident lawyer can level the playing field and ensure that victims are awarded full compensation for their losses.

One of the most common causes of truck accidents is driver fatigue and distracted driving. Truckers are under intense pressure to meet deadlines and deliver their loads on time, and many truckers do not take the necessary precautions when they drive. When truckers get tired or distracted, they may drive faster or make erratic maneuvers on the road, causing a crash. These actions can lead to devastating injuries, including traumatic brain injury.

Other common truck accidents include mechanical failures and unsafe cargo loading. These issues are often due to a lack of regular inspections and maintenance. A skilled truck accident lawyer can analyze the evidence and identify any defective or faulty equipment that caused the crash.

Another frequent cause of truck accidents is improper or inadequate hiring procedures. Trucking companies must adhere to strict hiring guidelines, and a Sacramento truck accident attorney can demand to review the company’s records in a negligent hiring claim.

The final common cause of truck accidents is cargo spills and other cargo-related hazards. Depending on the type of load and how it’s loaded, some trucks can lose cargo, which can result in serious accidents and health risks for other drivers. In these instances, a truck accident lawyer can review the load and cargo details to determine if the trucking company or other parties are liable.

When a person is injured in a truck accident, they must act quickly to file their personal injury lawsuit. Every state has specific statutes of limitations, and filing a lawsuit after the deadline has passed will result in the case being dismissed. A Sacramento truck accident attorney can help victims build a strong case against the responsible parties and recover compensation for their losses. For more information, contact an experienced trucking accident lawyer today.