Divorce Online in Florida

Are you considering divorce? If so, you’re probably already facing a myriad of emotions including anxiety over the divorce, separation, custody of your children, and property division. It’s important to remember that divorce can be a smooth, easy process if everything is done correctly. In fact, with a little assistance and preparation, your divorce can be less of a stressor and more of a reward! Here are some of the steps involved in filing for Florida divorce online:

Once you’ve decided to start your search for a qualified divorce attorney in Orlando, don’t be afraid to visit the website of an experienced divorce lawyer. An attorney can be just as critical as any other professional during your case, so it’s important to make sure you choose someone who knows what they’re doing and has your best interests in mind. You may also benefit from seeking advice and assistance from an experienced Orlando divorce lawyer, particularly to help you figure out what forms you need to fill out and provide the correct instructions for how to properly file for Florida divorce papers online. Not knowing which type of form you need to fill out or how to fill it out can result in a delay in getting your divorce papers filed, so seek legal counsel early on to prevent this problem. Also, consider speaking to family and friends for opinions on which Orlando lawyers are best at handling cases such as yours.

Before you file your Florida divorce papers online, be sure to have them certified. Just like when you apply for any type of loan, it’s necessary to have proof that you’re able to pay the debt. Get copies of your credit report from all three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) to check for mistakes. Be sure to also get copies of your employment contracts (i.e. current and past), your tax returns, and any documents that prove your identity. If you know there’s a problem, don’t risk having to deal with it when you go to court or try to settle your Florida divorce papers in a family law court.

The Internet is a great tool for many purposes, but can also be used for Florida divorce proceedings. If you suspect that your spouse is indeed irreparably broken (i.e. he/she has been found to be in complete and total financial and emotional control of the marriage), then you should consider seeking an online divorce from an attorney who deals with this type of case on a regular basis.

Of course, you won’t actually be needing an attorney if you choose to file the divorce yourself, but it’s always good to know what an experienced lawyer looks for when reviewing potential cases. In your search for an online Florida divorce service, make sure to consider how much they charge and whether or not they’re able to provide all of the paperwork you’ll need for your case. The fee may seem minimal, but just one missing file or paper can mean the difference between winning and losing your home. There are many good Florida divorce services out there; it’s simply a matter of finding the right one for your particular situation.

Finally, make sure that whichever online divorce service you decide to use complies with Florida law. Florida law requires that any settlement involving property (including money) must be settled “equitably,” which means that each party must agree to the terms before the case is considered “uncontested.” Once both parties agree on all terms of the settlement, a judge will issue an order granting the spouses’ joint legal and physical custody of the children. It is important to understand, however, that if your spouse refuses to agree to the terms of the settlement-if the property is jointly held and there are any issues regarding which spouse has sole custody of the children, then the case must be remanded to the court of equity.