How Often Should You Clean Your Kitchen Exhaust?

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is crucial to safe and functional kitchen operations. It helps prevent fires and improves the efficiency of equipment, resulting in lower costs. A dirty system can also affect employee health and morale. In addition, it can be a fire hazard.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends regular cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system. Depending on your restaurant’s needs, you may need to schedule a cleaning every few months, or even annually. You’ll also want to perform physical inspections to ensure that everything is operating properly.

To clean your hood, you’ll need a cleaning solution that dissolves grease and grime. For instance, you can use dish soap to dissolve grease and baking soda to remove grease residue. After the cleaning solution has been applied, you’ll need to sit it for at least 15 minutes. This is to allow the solution to work its way into the filter.

When cleaning your kitchen exhaust, you should be aware that you’ll be working with hot, flammable grease. Therefore, it’s important to use a solution that’s safe for the environment. If you need help, you can consult a reputable company that specializes in removing hazardous buildups.

Having your kitchen exhaust cleaned by a certified contractor can reduce the risk of fire. They can also remove buildups and apply a food-safe finish to your exhaust system. ThisĀ Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning will help protect your system from future accidents and keep your business in compliance with state and local fire codes.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is one of the best ways to ensure your restaurant meets NFPA 96 requirements. However, if your restaurant is a busy restaurant that prepares foods in a high volume, you might need to schedule more frequent cleanings. Your insurance policy might also require more frequent cleanings.

Restaurants often use a lot of oil and wood fuels. Cleaning these materials is recommended every three months. Since these types of fuels can be hazardous, you should only use a qualified contractor to clean and maintain your kitchen.

When you hire a professional to clean your restaurant’s hood, you’ll be able to avoid a health department inspection and save on insurance claims. Technicians can perform a visual inspection of your system to determine whether it needs to be cleaned, as well as to provide a written report.

Having a commercial kitchen that’s in good shape is a good indication of your commitment to the best customer service. In addition, having a kitchen that’s cleaned frequently shows your employees that you care about their health. By ensuring that your ductwork and hood are in proper condition, you’ll be able to avoid fines from your local fire department and make sure that your restaurant stays open.

Performing kitchen exhaust cleaning can be a simple process. You’ll just need to be aware of what you’re doing. Whether you’re doing it on your own, or hiring a professional, you’ll need to know how to inspect your vent hood and exhaust system.