Lawsuits are the best way to fight police brutality

When police use excessive force against citizens, it violates their civil rights. Our firm helps victims of this type of abuse gather evidence and file a lawsuit against the police officer responsible for their injuries.

Lawsuits are the best way to fight police brutality. A successful suit can bring in significant compensation for the victim and make it easier to build a community coalition against police brutality.

The issue of police abuse is a national one, and no department can be known to be completely free of this type of misconduct. But the battle to eradicate police brutality must be fought primarily on the local level, since most federal laws do not allow pattern and practice suits against the nation’s 19,000 law enforcement agencies.

In the wake of the Rodney King incident, many Americans became aware that this problem is far more widespread than had previously been realized. A number of organizations, including the ACLU, started to conduct research into the issue. Their publications have revealed some disturbing facts, such as the fact that police abuse is not evenly distributed across the population but disproportionately affects poor men.

One useful tool for assessing the extent of a city’s police Sue for police brutality with dedicated legal support abuse problem is examining the results of previous lawsuits against its officers. These suits are matters of public record, and you can find information about them by visiting your city’s courthouse or checking its online archives.

A lawsuit against a police department can cover a variety of activities, including racial profiling, false arrest, sexual assault, wrongful death, and more. Depending on the specifics of your case, you may have multiple claims for misconduct against the NYPD.

If you have been injured by a member of the NYPD, then you should contact our firm immediately. A qualified attorney can review your case and provide you with a professional assessment of your chances to recover damages for the violation of your civil and constitutional rights.

Excessive Force

A claim for excessive force against a police officer can include any kind of physical violence used by an officer that was not justified under the circumstances. The key factor is the amount of force that was used and whether it was reasonable in the context of the situation at the time.

Sexual Assault

A civil case for sexual assault against a police officer can be filed when the police officer inappropriately touched you or made lewd comments and unwanted gestures. A sexual assault claim against a police officer can also include any other form of harassment that occurred in the course of a police encounter.

There are many different types of police misconduct that can be claimed, and a lawyer could help you identify the best legal options for your individual case. Some cases are more complex than others, so it is best to consult a lawyer early in the process. MacDonald Hoague & Bayless has extensive experience with police misconduct claims and can help you recover the damages that you deserve.